Challenges - Sonia Shah Organization


Our challenges with land did not end when we found a second possible location a month ago. The lands could not be transferred to the foundation, and we therefore couldn’t guarantee that the land and building would continue to be used as a school. The only thing we could do was to buy land that we could ensure would remain in the control of the foundation. After trying and failing to purchase two different plots, my mom was finally able to successfully buy a third plot with money taken from her own retirement fund. Land ownership and control is an incredibly sensitive issue in the rural areas of northwest Pakistan, and owning the land on which the school will be built will ensure that the school can be sustained. We have had to draw up new estimates and building plans for this new plot, and the added costs of these have put a strain on our existing funds. Any support you are willing to give would be very much appreciated, as we would like to begin construction as soon as possible and have the school ready to be opened for the next academic school year. Please donate on our website at