Tribute to Sonia Shah - Sonia Shah Organization


These works are to honor and celebrate Sonia Shah’s tragically short but hugely purposeful life. Both of us are inspired by her youth, vigor, abiding concern for girls’ education and her dedication and commitment to empowering less privileged women. We feel extremely fortunate to have made these works in her memory for this occasion.

In fact, the idea for this particular event Art Tea was born after the interest and enthusiasm generated by the two works Nukta and Chundree created by us. Nukta was auctioned at the first ever fundraiser dedicated to Sonia’s cause and the second piece Chundree is being shown for the very first time.

All the collaborative pieces that Sadia and I have made are informed and resourced from the memories of multiple cultures that Sonia and a lot of us straddle. The incredibly intricate and rich craft traditions of our Eastern heritage and the abstractions and spatial arrangements of our Western and modernist reality feature in our work as a homage to the past and a nod to a brave future for the next generation of girls that Sonia was so concerned about. We’ve used bold and minimalist visual language to signify Sonia’s resolve and her sense of urgency to build a bright future for the less privileged and the small detailed work honors and registers our gratitude to the unsung millions of brilliantly talented women who have toiled for millennia.

This is our tribute to Sonia. May she live forever through the lives of young women that her nascent but powerful ideas will help nurture and empower and may her passion and concern for the poor be a source of inspiration for girls around the globe.

Tribute by Sadia Uqaili and Zafar Malik

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