To My Daughter With Love - Sonia Shah Organization


My Dearest Sonia

It has been a year that you passed away. You left your body but your spirit and energy is all around us. Though the pain is still very fresh, the emptiness is still very deep and the memories are still very strong.
When I look back on your short life and the last year, I can’t ignore the lessons I have learnt from you, lessons that website like this have made me a better person…….when you were young, I learnt from you the hunger for knowledge, craving to learn about life, people and the world, and the ability to adjust. When you grew up, I learnt from you to be humble yet confident, comfortable in your skin yet seeking friendship and love and achieving big goals without drama.
In your death, I learnt to authentically connect with God and people, to live with a purpose and have faith in a higher power, in myself and in people.
I will continue to learn from you and never stop loving you. Your legacy will never die!

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