New Developments - Sonia Shah Organization


The last three weeks or so from the time of my last post have been busy. We could no longer use the land we had originally planned to build on, and so a new location had to be found. New estimates and blueprints also had to be drawn up, as the old plans couldn’t be used in the new location. The land has been surveyed, and contractors are now finally beginning to clear trees and brush in preparation for construction. We have also had to deal with the legal issues of transferring ownership of the land to the non-profit foundation that we have established for our project in Pakistan. After three weeks of long distance calls, we have finally begun our project. We are also closer to meeting our fund-raising goals. A very generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has graciously given us 3,000 USD, ensuring that we have the funds to continue building throughout the summer. Helena Potter, a colleague of my mom’s, was able to connect us to this donor and has been incredibly supportive throughout this entire process. These new funds come at an incredibly important time, as we have been unable to receive donations through our foundation’s website, which has not been working for the last week or so. The website,, should now be up and running.

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