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Rahmania for Sonia

Rahmania for Sonia’ is a fund raising event on Feb. 23rd at 6:00 p.m. at Meadows Club, 2950 W. Golf Road Rolling Meadows Il 60008. This is for Sonia Shah Memorial School in a village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sonia Shah whose parents are from Pakistan decided at the age of 17 to go and live for 3 weeks in the ancestral village to understand the local needs. She realized that most girls of the village were not going to school and those who did go to ‘home school’ had no proper teachers or were doing house chores for teachers (cooking and taking care of their children ) rather than studying. These girls had such thirst for education, they would not mind waiting or doing house work for hours to be able to learn to read for few minutes.
At the time, Sonia was going to High School in Switzerland. She graduated a year early and took a gap year to start ‘Sonia Shah Foundation’ ( after her grandmother’s name ). She registered it and started to raise funds to build the school. She raised enough funds to buy a piece of land for the school and laid out foundation wall. In August 2012 as she was preparing to leave for College in Virginia, she passed away in a car accident.
Sonia was not only a brilliant student who spoke 5 languages and was the youngest intern at the Obama Campaign in the Chicago headquarter, she was compassionate and wanted to make a difference in this world. She believed that education specially for girls will eradicate poverty and terrorism and will bring peace. She was also involved in NGO’s that are working for peace in ME and building schools in South America. Sonia achieved at a very young age what most adults can not, in their entire life time.
We are continuing Sonia legacy to build the school she started in Pakistan. This event is to celebrate her life and her achievements while enjoying A.R Rahman music with choreographed dances from Dhrishti Arts and other entertainment with dinner. Please come and join this noble cause that Sonia started.

Madan Kulkarni

On behalf of Dhrishti Arts we are preparing for an awesome dance extravaganza for Sonia. Actress/ Dancer Aditi Bhagwat is flying in from Mumbai, Choreographers and actors Joya Kazi, Gloria Lanuza, Shivani Thakkar, Kaasi Aysola and Jack Tyler are flying in from Los Angeles, Kathak maestro Prashant Shah from NY. And of course Salsa queen Dora Baroti, middle eastern dance exponents Megan Hartman and Jessica Beuckman will rock the stage on Oscar winning AR Rahman’s compositions.And for good measure a sound and light extravaganza. Be there for Sonia, be there to have a blast…Jai Ho!!


To My Daughter With Love

My Dearest Sonia

It has been a year that you passed away. You left your body but your spirit and energy is all around us. Though the pain is still very fresh, the emptiness is still very deep and the memories are still very strong.
When I look back on your short life and the last year, I can’t ignore the lessons I have learnt from you, lessons that website like this have made me a better person…….when you were young, I learnt from you the hunger for knowledge, craving to learn about life, people and the world, and the ability to adjust. When you grew up, I learnt from you to be humble yet confident, comfortable in your skin yet seeking friendship and love and achieving big goals without drama.
In your death, I learnt to authentically connect with God and people, to live with a purpose and have faith in a higher power, in myself and in people.
I will continue to learn from you and never stop loving you. Your legacy will never die!


Art Tea Chicago Benefit

Please join us for an exclusive Art Tea Chicago Benefit for Sonia Shah Foundation (SSF) featuring works by Zafar Malik and Sadia Uqaili. Portion of all acquisitions will be generously donated to SSF.

Reception: 5:30 – 10:30 pm
Address: 1280 Carol Lane, Deerfield, IL 60015
RSVP: By invitation only.
Detail: Chundree, Gold leaf and acrylic on canvas 72″ x 40″


Sonia Shah Anniversary Event

Sonia Shah’s first anniversary was observed during Ramadan on July 26, 2013 with iftar at Shahi Nehari in Lombard, IL. Over 150 people gathered to remember Sonia, her dream and her mission to educate underprivileged girls. The program included an update on Sonia Shah Memorial school in Kangra, Pakistan. The construction will start in September and the school Will open in September of 2014 Insha Allah. Dr. Vaseem Iftikhar and Salma Karim recited beautiful Naats.. The keynote speaker for the evening was Professor Waqar Ul Haq who spoke about the value of charity and education in Islam.


Tribute to Sonia Shah

These works are to honor and celebrate Sonia Shah’s tragically short but hugely purposeful life. Both of us are inspired by her youth, vigor, abiding concern for girls’ education and her dedication and commitment to empowering less privileged women. We feel extremely fortunate to have made these works in her memory for this occasion.

In fact, the idea for this particular event Art Tea was born after the interest and enthusiasm generated by the two works Nukta and Chundree created by us. Nukta was auctioned at the first ever fundraiser dedicated to Sonia’s cause and the second piece Chundree is being shown for the very first time.

All the collaborative pieces that Sadia and I have made are informed and resourced from the memories of multiple cultures that Sonia and a lot of us straddle. The incredibly intricate and rich craft traditions of our Eastern heritage and the abstractions and spatial arrangements of our Western and modernist reality feature in our work as a homage to the past and a nod to a brave future for the next generation of girls that Sonia was so concerned about. We’ve used bold and minimalist visual language to signify Sonia’s resolve and her sense of urgency to build a bright future for the less privileged and the small detailed work honors and registers our gratitude to the unsung millions of brilliantly talented women who have toiled for millennia.

This is our tribute to Sonia. May she live forever through the lives of young women that her nascent but powerful ideas will help nurture and empower and may her passion and concern for the poor be a source of inspiration for girls around the globe.

Tribute by Sadia Uqaili and Zafar Malik


Sonia Shah dreamed of changing the world through girls’ education

Karin Ronnow, CAI’s communications director wrote a blog on Sonia’s journey, the Sonia Shah Foundation, and the raiser.
Iram and a vast team of Sonia’s friends and peers worked tirelessly to pull off the Feb. 23 event in suburban Chicago. More than 400 people celebrated home page Sonia’s life and achievements, donated to the Sonia Shah Foundation, and enjoyed dinner and live entertainment by the highly acclaimed singer-songwriter A.R. Rahman.

“Iram’s vision was to make this a celebration of the potential of youth to change the world, as well as a celebration of song and music, dance, poetry and art – all of which Sonia loved so much,” Greg said. “She also wanted to bring together diverse people and organizations, as Sonia had often done, around this common cause.”

To read the full blog please click here: Sonia Shah dreamed of changing the world through girls’ education

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