Make this Mother’s Day different.

Did you know that over 5.1 million primary school-aged children are out of school in Pakistan–the third highest number of out-of-school children in the world–and 63% of them are girls? This Mother’s Day, change the world for mom!

Honor your mother by donating to the Sonia Shah Organization in her name and educate a girl for one, three, six, a year–or two, three, or four girls for a year. We’ll send a personalized email letting mom, or the inspirational woman you choose, how much they mean to you – and how you’ve changed a life in their honor.

Is there a better way to tell mom (or that inspirational woman in your life) just how important she is to the person you are today than by changing the world, one girl at a time? We certainly can’t think of one!



How has your life been inspired by the women around you? Don’t let your gratitude go unspoken – this Mother’s Day, share your thanks by posting a video, photo, or status talking about your mom, that special aunt, cousin, or friend who changed your life for the better. Use hashtag #thankstoher to share! Sonia Shah knew that her life was completely changed because of the foresight and ambition of her grandmother and mother. Thanks to those two women, she had the opportunity to experience the world and receive the best education available. What set Sonia apart, though, is that she recognized how influenced her life was by the actions of her grandmother before she was even born. Sonia’s story inspired us to ask YOU about the women who have changed your life! Let’s change the world, one girl at a time.

To learn more about Sonia’s story and the mission of the organization, click here.

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